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Steps: Create an SP list with these list columns: Title, Expiration Date (Date), Active (Y/N). Here is how my list looks: By the end of the MS Flow, we are trying to send this email to targeted users: Let's get started. Create a blank new Flow and set the trigger to be scheduled. Insert Get Items actions and use filter query to get items if.

Now let’s bring this together to get the wildcard filter to work. Load the original data table into Power Query. Click Home > Merge Queries In the Merge dialog box, select the two matching columns, and use a right-outer merge. Click OK to execute the transformation. Remove the Filter List column. Call the query Data. Today we are happy to announce support for connecting to SharePoint lists that have more than 256 items using PowerApps. Please see the details below on the changes you need to make to your apps to take make use of this support. We are also working on making any new apps generated use these capabilities out of box, so look for that announcement.

In the If yes branch, select Add an action > Condition.This opens the Condition 2 card.. Configure the Condition 2 card to search each email with "meet now" in the subject with.

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Click (Blank) from the slicer: Go to Power Query Editor. Find CustomerID from fact table and check the column Null or empty value: To fix the bad data, you need to go to the source. If that is not an option, you can fix it immediately and temporarily in Power BI. This can be done in both Fact and Dimension tables with a simple trick to remove. Get expert help from Power Automate partners . Whether you're evaluating business needs, looking for packaged industry solutions, ... Find a wide range of consulting services—many at no cost—from a partner near you. They’ll help you train, assess options, and implement solutions while staying within your budget. Explore services. Become a.

You can also automate Excel without any coding knowledge by using the Macro Recorder. The Macro Recorder records your actions as VBA code, allowing you to repeat those exact actions again by running the macro. By using the Macro Recorder, you can "code" some of your actions and then review and edit the code to better fit your needs.

In Power Query editor window, Click the Home ribbon and the button Get Data. Select the item Web in the drop down. In the popup dialogue, Click on the button labeled Advanced. You’ll notice this brings up a dialog called URL Parts. This allows us to break down the URL into parts. We can easily change individual parts of the URL using this dialog.

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